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Wendy Buckingham


Hi there,  Welcome to my life coaching site.  I hope you will find it an enjoyable and informative experience and get in touch to see if coaching with me could work for you and book a free "discovery" session. 

First some questions.

  • Would you like to have more joy and less stress in your life?
  • Are you in overwhelm with the busyiness of it all.
  • Could you do with a partner who is there, just for you, without judgments to help you get on top of things?
  • Someone who will ask you the right powerful and challenging questions to help you clear confusion and get into action to achieve a better quality of life and those all important personal, business and career, goals.
  • Do you have niggling disatisfactions with your life, but don't know quite what to do about them?

These are some of the issues we can address when I work with you as your coach.

     As a professional coach with over 15 years experience, I hope you will find this visit a valuable resource for understanding coaching and deciding to engage a coach to help you get where you want to be, whatever your situation and whether it be in a personal, professional or busines area of your life. 

    So what is life coaching?  I see life coaching as an alliance or partnership I have with you the client. Within this relationship we identify, set, plan for and attain specific goals and outcomes, be they business, career or personally focussed. However, you are always the one in the drivers seat when it comes to choices and decisions.

     Tools of the trade: I have some great tools and techniques for handling those issues or challenges that seem to be standing in the way of success. We'll build on those things that are working for you and examine what is not working, or where there is room for improvement, and develop some strategies and goals for success.

     The successful coaching relationship is one of mutual respect and trust - with plenty of room for fun and celebration. Distance is no barrier, as I do most of my coaching by telephone or skype, nationally and internationally.

    Flexible Coaching Programs:  My Coaching Programs and life coaching fees have been designed to be very affordable are just the thing to help make your life unfold with success and joy.   I am now coaching almost exclusively by phone and on-line via skype which is productive and convenient for us bothand has no distance barriers.  In our free discovery session, you will get a feeling for how effective phone coaching is.

So don't keep putting off having your life more as you want it.  Email me and we can organise a time for a free and obligation free assessment session to see if we are a good match for the coaching relationship.

    You can read more more information on how I will coach you and what you can expect in my sessions.

     And if by any chance you are interested in becoming a coach or adding life or business coaching to your skills portfolio do visit my independent coaching information site telling you need to know Life Coaching Professionally and lots of coaching information and tips.


     I look forward to the opportunity of being of service in the journey towards your goals and dreams.

Here’s to your joyful achievement...

Wendy Buckingham


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Wendy provided a dimension to my business that I had never experienced before. She helped me re-ignite my passion, find my purpose and deliver results to match. She is a valued and respected partner. I highly recommend her for her amazing coaching skills.
Kim McGuinness , Owner , Network Central

 Originally I approached Wendy for help with goal setting.
As I worked with Wendy and got to know her strengths better, her role broadened to one of a business coach and mentor, a role she fills very well.
I have found Wendy professional, perceptive, practical and a real asset to my business direction.
Catherine Saxelby
Consultant Nutritionist and Food Writer

"I was drifting along without any particular direction or chosen goals. Wendy's coaching helped me understand and accept who I am and how I operate. As a result I developed behaviours that supported my success. I am now confident, happier, in charge of my decisions, and achieved my goal of playing a cricket season in England." Jason Wilson




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