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      My goal is that my presentations and workshops give the tools for participants to become winners at work, in their businesses and in their personal lives.

     Whether it is in a short yet powerful presentation or an interactive half-day workshop, I will delivers an entertaining, user-friendly and effective session that motivates and provides practical "action" tools for lasting change.

       I offer two presentation subjects:  Getting It Right With Your Goals! and Getting It Right With Networking.

      I also now offers a follow-up email contact. This is invaluable for participants as it gives them a chance to share what they have achieved, ask outstanding questions and make further distinctions to help integrate and implement the workshop session. I am also available for individual coaching and consulting.

     For more information and to discuss an in-house workshop or conference presentation for your organization Email Me and I'll be back to you within 24 hours to set up a time to talk.

“Your presentation not only provided excellent information but was interactively delivered with passion, expertise and humour.”  Kim McGuiness, Managing Director, Network Central

Getting it Right with Your Goals!
(Getting it right with your goals and getting your goals right for you!) Based on my book 'Ready Set Goal!' this workshop delivers a proven format for confidently choosing, planning and achieving goals.

I developed this workshop as the result of experiencing again and again from my clients and, yes, in my own life, that setting and planning goals is not the whole story for winning. As a result my Getting it Right with Your Goals workshop is not only about the techniques of setting goals (though this is thoroughly covered) but also delves into spotting and handling the obstacles and behaviors that may be standing in the way of progress towards the end result.

Participants experience and are coached to:

  • Develop powerful personal, business and group goals
  • Make sure those goals are authentic
  • Develop strategies to attract success
  • Create more time for focus by identifying and handling those everyday frustrations that drain energy, waste time and reduce and productivity
  • Use a unique and simple process to end the cycle of self-recriminations and wasted energy for past failures
  • Priorities and get into action with purpose and speed

Getting it Right with Your Goals can be customised to "Spring Clean Your Life " or whatever suits your particular objectives.

If you would like to discuss booking a presentation or workshop for your group or organization Email me so we can organise a time to discuss what will work best for you.

"Your workshop was a huge success for one of our clients' who were excited, driven and thrilled with their time with you. I cannot speak highly enough of Wendy's ability to create specific sessions, plus to be great on her feet on the day."
Pip Forsyth, Account Director, Splash Consulting Group

l" to help aspiring real estate investors choose and plan for wealth through property. A very useful workshooenfinancial p

Getting it Right with Networking! (even if you are a reluctant networker) Experience how to use and enjoy networking as an effective tool for career, business and personal advancement.

This presentation is particularly valuable not only for professionals and business people who want to increase their confidence (and networking skills) but for anyone who wants to create relationships that will enhance their communication skills and give them the confidence to mix easily with strangers. All aspects of effective networking are covered including:

  • Understand the fundamentals of effective networking
  • Using networking as a strategy to achieve your goals
    Networking within your organization
  • Opening conversations
  • How not to get “trapped” at networking functions
  • The do’s, don’ts and where’s of effective networking

If you would like to discuss booking a Getting it Right with Networking workshop for your group or organization Email me so we can organise a time to discuss what will work best for you.

“Many thanks for your generous contribution to our Executive Assistant / PA Congress in Brisbane. Overall you have achieved outstanding feedback - you were one of the three mostly highly praised speakers at the conference.

 Aaron Gay, General Manager, IIR Pty Ltd





     All Wendy's presentations are time and content customized to meet individual audience/conference organizer rerements.


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Clients and Testimonials

  • ACE Conferences
  • CPA Australia
  • Inspiring Women Network
  • Network Central
  • IRR Conferences
  • Splash Consulting Group
  • Drake Medox (a division of Drake International)
  • The Computer Accounting Doctor (franchise)
  • Omegapoint Seminars (Singapore)
  • AMP
  • The Advertising Federation of Australia
  • Scone Council
  • Pearson Education
  • Premier Conferencing
  • Australian Business Women's Network
  • Women in Finance
  • International Coach Federation


Results from Workshops

"Thank you for your goals workshop. Everyone who attended gave me great feedback that they really enjoyed your approach and definitely learned how to tackle their goals more effectively". Kathleen O'Hara, Human Resources, Premier Conferencing.

"Wendy is an entertaining and effective presenter with the ability to facilitate her audience to clear the path to the achievements of their goals. Wendy and her "Ready Set Goal!" book have become a valuable component in our financial mentoring program."
Bruce Whiting, Managing Director, The Mint Group

"The feedback from attendees was that this was one of the best workshops of its type. Wendy really connects with her participants." Jacqueline Seow, Omegapoint Seminars, Singapore

"As Chapter President it is part of my brief to engage speakers that are not only able to bring value to the members in the form of content but also to entertain and inspire well after the presentation is over. I am pleased to say your presentation did all of the above.

I was particular impressed by your knowledge of your subject and your ability to hold the attention of the audience and have them interacting with you at a time of the day when most people are in "wind down" mode". Marita Dullard, Sydney Chapter President, International Coach Federation



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