Life And Business Coaching For Success 

In my experience, business coaching is as much about personal life coaching as planning and operations.  As the owner or boss your goal is most likely to confidently and successfully start or expand a rewarding, profitable business combined with a balanced  and pleasurable life.

Having been in small business with my husband for about 30 years means I understand only too well the challenges you face to keep you and the business healthy and growing.

Are You Excited About Starting A New Business?

Are you tired of working for someone else, being creative for someone else, managing stuff as a middle person, meeting sales quotas for someone else?  

Have you been nurturing the idea of going  into business on your own?  

Starting your own business is full of excitement and promise but it can be a huge step out of your comfort zone as you negotiate the challenges that the venture invariably brings.

business coaching for success. Where to start

So where to start?  

Once we have got crystal clear on  your ideal direction, we'll set a firm goal and develop a path towards achieving that goal including marketing and building a website that not only looks good but attracts  visitors.

And we'll also address any work and life balance issues that may come up. 

If you're ready to take the first step, I invite you to book my obligation free Discovery Session to see how coaching with me will work for you.

Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.

Do You Need Guidance To Grow Your Business?

Maybe you've been in business for a while and feel a bit stuck and stale. The initial excitement has faded and the business seems to be running your life. You know it's time for growth and change, but not sure how to go about it.

Business growth through coaching
  • Do you need to make your website work better for you?
  • Do you need to put a business succession plan in place so you can retire.
  • Staff issues to resolve.
  • How do you go about improving your marketing?
  • In overwhelm and don't know what or how to effectively delegate?
  • Regaining life and work balance again?
  • And so on....

I'll help you get out of the stress of business overwhelm and into a place where you are as excited again, in control and moving forward with lots of support and tips for business success.

"When I started coaching with Wendy  I felt overwhelmed and bogged down in my business.  With her guidance, I was able to step back from the stress points see there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I got clarity about where I and my business were going and now that is well on track to being achieved.

I am now much more positive and have the ability to look a lot further ahead than just the day to day issues.  As a coach Wendy was the catalyst for my being able to make these changes."
Paul F. Business Owner, Qld.

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Looking For Help In Another Area?

Life coaching is rarely about single issue. If there is something else going on in your life where you think coaching could help, go back to my coaching services page or choose one of the images below for more about how I can support you to move forward in all areas of your life...