Does Your Career Need A Boost?

Your job or career should be progressing and giving you satisfaction .  If it's not, then it could be time for some changes and to take advantage of my Obligation Free Discovery Session

  • If  your current career seemed like a good idea at the time, but you suspect it happened more by accident than design we'll work to identify your ideal job description and look for where you can find it.
  • And if you can't work out what you want to do next I'll you help to get direction and focus so you can confidently move forward.
  • Maybe you have been made redundant and, despite the glowing reference and generous payout, the emotional cost has you feeling fragile and disillusioned.  This coaching will be about taking the sense of failure out of the equation  (I have a great process for this) and getting your confidence and motivation back on track. 
career and job advancementLife coaching will help you find new career and job opportunities.

Then again, you could be quite satisfied with your current career or job and just want to develop some  better communication, delegation or time saving strategies to accelerate up the career advancement ladder to where you know you belong.

Whatever your career challenges, we'll identify what may be holding you back, whether it be skills, behaviours or confidence and work on what you need to do to power forward again.

Then we'll set some goals to give you focus and motivation and devise a plan for your success.

I will help you turn any past career failures around into stepping stones for a great career future.  And I'll help you make the best career or job choices for who you are.

I can also coach you elegantly resolve any conflicts or issues you have at work and whether it be matter of communication or simply overwhelm and time issues.

A career case study 

"Wendy supported and encouraged me going for the career I wanted - regardless of the apparent setbacks.  Her unflinching belief in me was a breath of fresh air in my world of self-chastisement and self doubt.

Since then I have grown a very successful business as a corporate consultant, coach and trainer and I know that Wendy’s support and encouragement were firm stepping stones along the way to achieving my career goals. Thanks Wendy"
Lily Cubrilo.

You may want  to incorporate more than career advancement into your coaching. Visit my Coaching Services page for small business, confidence and motivation coaching, goal achievement and much more......

Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.
Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.