My Career Success Stories With Life Coaching

*the names of all the clients have been changed to protect comfidentiality 

See if some of these career success stories resonate with you own career and job advancement circumstances.

Each case study will demonstrate how my life coaching helped these clients who came to me for career guidance. Generally, perhaps like you, that wanted help moving forward - handling any obstacles, even disasters, that they felt  stood in the way of their career success.

I'd do the same for you in your career, whatever the challenges.

#1 Leah Had Been Fired And Her Confidence Was Shot

Leah had long had a goal to take the career leap from being a teacher to a trainer. She was over the moon with delight when she got a job with an organisation specialising in change management and team building.

Leah set herself a new goal to become a leading facilitator with the organisation. So far, so good.

Then disaster struck. In the first workshop that she was allowed to lead on her own, Leah came up against a difficult and disruptive participant. Because of her lack of experience, she did not handle the situation well!

Woman getting fired but it is not the end of her career.

On the evaluation forms that participants fill out at the end of a workshop, some of the comments were pretty scathing.

The training organisation, in a fit of overzealous damage control, fired her.

Leah was devastated. She felt she had no option but to throw in the towel and go back to teaching. Her confidence at the front of the room was shattered. Leah decided she did not have what it would take to achieve her goal.

She had hit a brick wall and fallen in a heap. 

Breakthrough! Leah realised this was not the end of her career just a setback to learn from.

As she went through my process of turning around failed goals into stepping stones, Leah came to realise that she was not going to get everything right first time and there were going to be lots of learning experiences (maybe not as severe as the first one) to benefit from.

She reviewed that dreadful day and how the drama had unfolded. Then we worked out a couple of strategies she could have used to better handle the difficult participant and keep the rest of the people in the workshop with her.

When Leah came to a frame of mind where she could look back on the reason for her failed goal and view it as 'a mistake I learned from and I now don't have to make again', her energy and motivation for her training career returned.

She reset her goal to be a leading trainer and it wasn't long before she was on her way again with renewed confidence.  Leah is now a well-established corporate trainer.

Is a bad experience in a previous job keeping you from moving forward confidently?  As your coach, we'll look at what happened and what needs to happen to turn that experience around to a stepping stone rather than a failure that is holding you back.

If this is the part of your life that you need help with, you can discover more about how I go about career coaching here

#2 Why Was Jack's Dream Job A Nightmare?

For a long time Jack had a goal to move interstate and work for a company that organised motivational seminars. He loved the self-discovery and growth principles of the organisation.

When he got the job as operations manager for the promoters of a well known personal growth seminar, he was over the moon.

Man having a nightmare about the stress of his supposedly dream job.

His joy didn't last long though. Although well qualified for the job, Jack became totally stressed out with the frantic pace, dealing with his team and coming home anxious and despondent.  It was affecting his family life. 

Jack was very confused.

What had gone wrong with his dream job? It had become more of a nightmare.

What was wrong with HIM?

Breakthrough!  I helped Jack identify his core needs and values

I helped Jack get in touch with his core needs and values. These are all things he needed to have for career satisfaction.

Through steps I took him through, he discovered that, while he valued personal growth highly, he also had a need for health, harmony and peace. These were not exactly features of the long, pressure-filled, team leading days of his new job.

Jack is now studying to be a naturopath. His new goal not only reflects his values of personal growth and health but can be achieved in an environment that is compatible with his other values and needs of harmony and peace .

I spend time with all my clients identifying their core needs (what drives their behaviour) as well as their values.  It's a vital step in identifying the whole picture of you and your career and what will bring you job and personal satisfaction. 

#3 Sally's Overwhelm About How To Get Her Trucking Career Goal 

Sally's ultimate dream job as a truck driver was to drive one of those huge vehicles used in mines and be employed on a fly-in, fly-out  basis. 

Big truck in a mining site illustrating goals that are too big and need to be broken down.

She knew what was needed but was finding deciding what to do first confusing. She  knew she needed to get a special dump truck licence to have any chance of being employed.

Being a woman in the male dominated trucking industry was turning out to be no barrier for Sally. However, in the mate-ship atmosphere, she found controlling her junk eating and beer drinking habit hard to break. 

This was affecting her health and weight not to mention the budgeting she needed to do to pay for that licence

Breakthrough!  Big Career Goals Need Small Steps 

I worked with Sally to realise she needed to break down getting her dream job into smaller manageable steps.  This involved getting other relevant licenses before she went for the big one and to start setting up contacts and relationships that would get her the job she was after.

We also made the deadline of her goal more realistic given all the steps she had to take.

We also developed some strategies to help her confidence which in turn helped to control the eating and drinking issues.  

The last I heard from Sally was that she had achieved two more important licenses on the way to the big final one, which would put her in good stead for her dream Job.  She had also made contact and established relationships  with people that would know about any job vacancies that came up.

I find often when someone wants to move forward in their career they can’t see the wood for the trees (or what to do first).

As your  coach I would work with you to get clear on your career goal, what needs to happen step-by-step to move forward and what obstacles you might need to handle.

Looking for help in another area?

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