Life Coaching Resources
To Help You On Your Way

I've chosen these books and coaching resources to help you have the life you want, whether or not you decide that  engaging me as your coach the best way to progress.  

Book Be Your Own Goals Coach

It's not the same as having a coach to personally guide you but my book Be Your Own Goals Coach is as good as having a mentor on your book shelf to be called on when needed.   That's why I give it to all my clients as a handy reference.

 About much more than goals, it's  a complete goal planning template packed full of information, processes and tips to make your life work better for you. 

Cheryl Richardson was one of the first professional life coaches in America.  She trained at CoachU, as did I, and her book is a really fabulous journey through the life coaching process.

Simply written with easy to follow processes Take Time for Your Life is a great start to having a more enjoyable and productive life.

Not just for baby boomers, Marc Miller's Repurpose Your Career can be a life saver for anyone who wants to make a new start by either refreshing their career or trying something completely new.

Easy to read and some great processes and lots of case studies it will really help you identify your next direction.

Interviewing for a new job for many of us can be a nerve wracking experience.  

So if job interviews freak you out, take heart! the The Job Seeker's Guide To Nailing Every Interview is for you and will give you that competitive edge.

This excellent video course on Udemy from HR & Recruiting Expert, J.T. O'Donnell will get you through any interview, feeling prepared and confident.  

My colleague Cindy Schulson of Marketing From Within is a whiz at helping people get their business venture off the ground - whether it be a product of service.

Cindy has the expertise and tools (many of them free) to help you with thing such as choosing your business name, defining your niche and perfecting your marketing message. Well worth visiting her website and signing up for her newsletter.


This fantastic little book meets head-on the problems many of us have with getting everything done when we are sure there is not enough time. 

About Time has 120 tips for making time work for you and mastering that ticking clock.  Also have look at her sequel Getting a Grip on Time

Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.
Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.