Confidence Coaching
For Renewed Motivation And Success 

Do you find you are held back from what you really want to achieve in life personally and professionally because you lack the confidence to step forward.

So if your confidence has taken a hit I will help you get it back so you feel good about yourself again and move forward easily.

As your coach, and always with your permission, I’ll help you identify what it is that may be affecting your motivation and holding you back and  blocking you from moving from where you are to where you want to be. 

You may have a little pile of old failed goals around career or relationships that are sapping your energy.  I'll work with you to turn those past failures around so they no longer affect your ability to move forward. Or maybe a toxic relationship, past or present could be dragging you down.

And in the process of discovery and making changes you’ll  find renewed energy to move forward and set and achieve new goals and outcomes.

Plus, I will give you some assertiveness coaching to help you establish firm boundaries around how you wish to be treated by others and how to communicate more effectively and courageously to get what you want.

You can read some case studies on my confidence coaching here 

Tulips representing the miracle of growing confidence.Confidence Coaching Helps You Grow And Get To Where You Want To Be

We'll look at those things that are not working for you in your life and what can be done to change things.  We'll discover what drives you (not always obvious) and what maybe stops you from being your best.  Then, we'll come up with some possible solutions.

So your first step towards getting that confidence you need could be arranging an obligation free Discovery Session

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"As a result of working with Wendy and, after many failed attempts, I was able to lose weight and become more energised and confident to achieve m other goals."  
Siew Bee, Singapore

"I chose Wendy as my coach because of her depth of experience. I found her coaching challenging, yet incredibly supportive.

Her process around discovering my what my needs and values are enabled me to choose my next life direction and was quite astounding. Best of all, I'm excited about life again!" 
Loryn Hilliard, Naturopath

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Improving Your Communication Skills

How you communicate affects the result you get!

How we communicate what we want can make a massive difference to whether we get the result we are after.  

So mastering the skills of communicating effectively can be a vital factor in improving your confidence to handle any situation at home or at work.

Two people working on Improving their communication skillsCommunication is the result you get

This is often a matter of knowing how to communicate what the issues are for you in a way that gets your message across without making another wrong.

Maybe  you have trouble asking for what you want and saying NO to what you don’t want at home and at work? Does this lead to overwhelm,  anxiety or frustration? 

Often all you need is the the confidence and know-how to communicate what you need and want and how to say no elegantly and effectively so people stop treating you in a way that  doesn’t really work for you.

Where necessary I will help you identify what it is that stands in the way of you having better communications.

And then,  support you to be confident in the adventure of changing what may be the habits of a lifetime into behaviours and ways of communicating that really do help you create better personal and business relationships.  

Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.

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