Achieving Your Goals Through Life Coaching

I'll Make Sure You Don't Overlook These Five Important Steps

A key aspect of working with goals through coaching is helping you get clear on the outcomes you want to achieve and then supporting you through the actions you need to take to get there.

And, just like in true love, the path to achieving your goals may not always run completely smoothly.  So, with my specialist goals coaching, I will help you overcome any rocks and blocks along the way.   

You can read how this has worked in the past by reviewing my goal achievement case studies here:

Now here are five of the things  working with me may include to ensure your success.  And if you are serious about achieving your goals why not arrange an obligation free Discovery Session with me.

Achieve Your Goals Through Coaching with Wendy Buckingham

1. Cleaning up past, failed goals through coaching

Past goals that you didn't achieve can drag you down energetically and get in the way of your confidence to achieve those shiny new goals you want to set.  

 I'll guide you through a process that resolves the failed goal and blows away those regrets and feelings of inadequacy so you can confidently move forward again.

2.  Is it YOUR goal?

It's so easy to get caught up in someone else's dreams and ambitions so we have to make sure the goals you set are really YOUR goals. 

If you are to achieve any goal through coaching, that goal has to be something you really want for yourself and not just to please someone else.  

3. Beware of "should" goals.

A "should" goal is one you set because you feel you "should" or "aught" to want it.   Maybe you have been encouraged by others to write a book,  take a particular university degree, or start a business but deep down it doesn't really inspire you. 

As your coach, I'll make sure your goals are really authentic for you and not driven by these "should"  feelings or the pressure of others.

4. There is  no magic without motion!

I'll hold you accountable so you don't get stuck in procrastination and planning but really  take actions toward achieving your goals.

5.  Acknowledgement and Celebration.

It's so important to acknowledge and celebrate all your wins, big and little, along the way to achieving the goal.  

Be Your Own Goals Coach

And it's so easy to overlook this in the rush to move forward to the next thing.  As your coach I'll make sure you don't miss this vital step. 

"If there is anyone who really owns the 'goal setting' space, it's Wendy.  Her coaching, book and presentations are straightforward and practical and a must-have for anyone wishing to grasp goal setting once and for all." 
Robert Gerrish. Founder and Director, Flying Solo

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These five tips are just a sample of how I can help you achieve your goals through coaching.  I include much, much more on achieving your goals through coaching in my book Be Your Own Goals Coach. 

All my clients receive a complimentary Kindle copy as part of their coaching.  It can also be purchased through Amazon 

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