My Life Coaching Client Testimonials

Don't just take my word for it!  Let my clients tell you how they feel and what they have experienced when coaching with me whether it be for career, growing their business or improving their life in general. 

Life Coaching Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, support and fantastic ideas and advice over the past few months. It has given me a clearer practical picture of the direction to take and how to make it happen.  You were always honest and straightforward and looked to the core of things when discussing motivations and goals which I really appreciated." 
Chris Watling, Pilates and Fitness Instructor, Sydney

"When I started coaching with Wendy I felt overwhelmed and bogged down in my business.  With her guidance, I was able to step back from the stress points see there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I got clarity about where I and my business were going and now that is well on track to being achieved.

"I am now much more positive and have the ability to look a lot further ahead than just the day to day issues.  As a coach Wendy was the catalyst for my being able to make these changes."

Paul F., Business Owner, Qld.

“I loved our sessions. I got exactly what I wanted out of coaching with Wendy and was really grateful to have someone to hold my hand and hold me accountable. Coaching helped with my confidence, my savings program and in making the right decisions about my career.”
Shauna Drummond, Truck Driver, Adelaide.

"Wendy supported and encouraged me going for the career I wanted - regardless of the apparent setbacks.  Her unflinching belief in me was a breath of fresh air in my world of self-chastisement and self doubt.

Since then I have grown a very successful business as a corporate consultant, coach and trainer and I know that Wendy’s support and encouragement were firm stepping stones along the way to achieving my career goals. Thanks Wendy"

Lily Cubrilo, Corporate Trainer, Qld.

When I started working with Wendy my life was pretty out of control both personally and financially.  I was in overwhelm!  With Wendy’s help and support I cleaned up my act and set some specific goals.  As a result I am now managing my finances more effectively, feel in control of my work and home environment and even my dating techniques have improved.  Coaching with Wendy has definitely been a worthwhile investment." 
Alex Smith, Actuary

"I chose Wendy as my coach because of her depth of experience. I found her coaching challenging, yet incredibly supportive.

Her process around discovering my what my needs and values are enabled me to choose my next life direction and was quite astounding. Best of all, I'm excited about life again!" 

Loryn Hilliard,

"Coaching with Wendy has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not often, that you can get completely present with yourself, and have someone be there to LISTEN to what you are thinking and feeling and then help to equip you with the tools that you need to deal with the challenges life throws your way and work out what you really want and need from a situation.

Wendy coached me through two of the biggest decisions I have made in my life so far, and it was because of her guidance and support that I felt I had the confidence to make these decisions. I am now living a bold life that I love and will continue to use what I have learnt from my coaching for years to come."

Kyla Raby, 
Project Co-ordinator
World Youth International

"Originally I approached Wendy for help with goal setting. 
As I worked with Wendy and got to know her strengths better, her role broadened to one of a business coach and mentor, a role she fills very well.
I have found Wendy professional, perceptive, practical and a real asset to my business direction."
Catherine Saxelby, Consultant Nutritionist and Food Writer, NSW

"As a result of working with Wendy and, after many failed attempts, I was able to lose weight and become more energised and confident to achieve m other goals."
Siew Bee, Singapore

"Working with Wendy was so enlightening.  I got a clear picture of how my life actually was and identified the areas I needed to work on.  

This followed by some goal setting and strategising for my business was an awesome combination.  Being clear on my purpose and having goals is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel."
Robbie Lambert, Co-ordinator Sydney Olympics Torch Relay 

"Wendy has been amazing in helping to guide and give strategies that helped me move forward in the right direction for my business. The guidance has helped keep me on track for when I get lost in the daily grind. Thank you for all your help and support."
Teressa Bradley, Naturopath. Qld

"Wendy provided a dimension to my business that I had never experienced before. She helped me re-ignite my passion, find my purpose and deliver results to match. She is a valued and respected partner. I highly recommend her for her amazing coaching skills." 

Kim McGuinness, Owner , Network Central 

"If there is anyone who really owns the 'goal setting' space, it's Wendy.  Her coaching, book and presentations are straightforward and practical and a must-have for anyone wishing to grasp goal setting once and for all." 
Robert Gerrish. Founder, Flying Solo Network

 "Wendy was a supportive and challenging coach who kept me clear and honest with myself. She provided me with new perspectives and taught me many self-directed techniques to keep clear and on track that I continue to use daily." 
Sylvia McRitchie, Marketing Consultant

"This has been an amazing experience! It was just what I needed to push myself to do the things I wanted.

 I think I already knew what I had to do but it comes out better with someone supporting and guiding you along. Wendy you are fabulous!!!"

Monica McGowan, 
Hair stylist and trainer                 

"Wendy, thank you again for your words of wisdom when I coached with you early this year. Remember my financial situation that crippled me to the point of non-discussion and tears? I paid the $20K loan off within 5 months.  I feel amazing and more importantly - in control.

 I decided to get out of finance and study Nutrition or Naturopathy.  Working this out from the processes you took me through actually gave me the motivation to pay down debt and get in control so that I can make the shift.

 And for once I didn't spend the whole year just attending to my partners needs - I made some ground in my own life as well. 
So, thank you - you were my  catalyst."   

F.A., Sydney

"Just to tell you you've been an inspiration in my life and your caring coaching and concern is always valued tremendously"
Monica Kho, 
Businesswoman, Singapore

 "Thank you so much for your support. The speed of development - both personally and professionally - is giving me quite a 'rush'.

Without your coaching I am sure I would have dissolved into overwhelm again rather than get my eye firmly on the ball and keep it rolling!" 

Jo Ash Allum, 
Creative Media Solutions 

"I came to Wendy for coaching to take my already successful business to a new level of competitiveness and profitability.

"In just three months Wendy helped me upgrade my systems and strengthen my leadership and delegation skills.  Profits have increased and staff relations have never been better."
Didier Nave, 
Dr. Earth Health Foods

"Wendy coached me to turn my dreams of having a niche photography business from procrastination to a reality that is growing steadily..I also feel more 'in action' in my life in general."
Kathy Evans, 
Lifeforce Photography

"Wendy is easy to work with, dedicated, professional and, to put it simply, cared about our team and our business.  
Thank you Wendy for taking the time to listen and deliver."
Fiona Blayney,
 Blayney Potential Plus

"I was drifting along without any particular direction or chosen goals. Wendy's coaching helped me understand and accept who I am and how I operate.

As a result I developed behaviours that supported my success. I am now confident, happier, in charge of my decisions, and achieved my goal of playing a cricket season in England!"
Jason Wilson,

"My work with Wendy really got me back on track and into action towards what I wanted to achieve from life and how to go about it. Her coaching is a very positive and powerful process and it really works"

Rowena Kempton, Businesswoman

"Thank you for your major contribution in making this such a fantastic year of achievement and change for me".
Jane Wolfers, Teacher

"What can I say apart from a Big, BIG thank you for helping to cut away the deadwood so I can now forge ahead.  When I am clear and focused things happen very fast, so thank you for helping me achieve that in such a short time".
Nikki Stone

"Thank you for your interest, kindness and support over the last few months. I certainly wouldn't be feeling so positive and strong if it wasn't for your help." 

Jenny Lincoln, Project Manager, News Limited.

"Working with Wendy is an absolute pleasure. She is a supportive and enthusiastic participant in helping you to achieve your goals. She wasn't afraid to challenge me on a few things which was really valuable. I would recommend working Wendy as she genuinely enjoys her work and importantly, she is also a great person."

Mel Wilkinson

"One of the things I have found most useful about our sessions has been getting me into a routine about support/reflection. I could go on, but instead I would like to thanks Wendy and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work through, reflect on and make some advances in relation to their work practice." 
Katie Hooper, Program Manager, White Lion Foundation

"As we finish the course I would like to say thank you.
Thank you for a very professional approach to the course and handling it with expereince. 
In the middle of the course I was really questioning my ability but your confident voice always drag me to the end of teleclass. I always have sense of stability with you so I'm not surprised that yours clients feel good with you. Thank you for accepting me who I am. It was really a pleasure to have a contact with a teacher like you."   


"When I started coaching with Wendy I knew what I wanted, but I was confused and all it went round and round in my head without any real direction or plan. Wendy helped me get concise around the key issues, setting clear goals and during our sessions we worked on strategies to move forward in the creation of my brand business.

I now work with Wendy on an annual basis ticking off last year’s goals and re-setting the ones that I have not yet achieved as well as updating them and identifying new ones as things change. Wendy makes sure I celebrate the goals that I have achieved and I see the goal setting as one of her key strengths.

I would recommend Wendy as a coach as whilst she was always honest and supportive, she is not afraid to challenge me to stretch myself and achieve more. 
Honor Clarke, Principal, Brand Know How

"I know I wouldn't have come this far without your coaching.  The insights I have got from you have enabled me to really move forward with my business"  
Judy Baker, The Wellness Centre, Indooroopilly

Presentations, Workshops and Webinars

"Thank you for your goals workshop. Everyone who attended gave me great feedback that they really enjoyed your approach and definitely learned how to tackle their goals more effectively".
Kathleen O'Hara, Premier Conferencing

"Wendy is an entertaining and effective presenter with the ability to facilitate her audience to clear the path to the achievements of their goals.

Wendy and her "Ready Set Goal!" book (now "Be Your Own Goals Coach") have become a valuable component in our financial mentoring program."
Bruce Whiting, Managing Director, The Mint Group

“Wendy is an excellent presenter and coach.  I have used her services as both a speaker for Inspiring Women and Women in Business  and also as a coach for myself.

Her knowledge is detailed and her presentations are highly informative and professional.

I would highly recommend anyone looking for a quality speaker to utilise Wendy's talents and her book is an invaluable addition.” 
Sue Heins,  Convenor, Inspiring Women Network. 

"The feedback from attendees was that this was one of the best workshops of its type. Wendy really connects with her participants." 
Jacqueline Seow, Omegapoint Seminars, Singapore

"As Chapter President it is part of my brief to engage speakers that are not only able to bring value to the members in the form of content but also to entertain and inspire well after the presentation is over. I am pleased to say your presentation did all of the above.

I was particular impressed by your knowledge of your subject and your ability to hold the attention of the audience and have them interacting with you at a time of the day when most people are in "wind down" mode". 
Marita Dullard, Sydney Chapter President, International Coach Federation

"You were fabulous!  One of the participants told us that your presentation left her feeling both elated and challenged.  You provided valuable insights and tools on goal setting, time management and delegation  as well as concluding with a motivating call to action."
Hillary Chatterton, Advertising Fed of Australia

“Your presentation not only provided excellent information but was interactively delivered with passion, expertise and humour.” 
Kim McGuiness, Managing Director, Network Central

"Wendy's presentation 'Unload Your "Stuff" - Make Room for Success' presented at our annual conference was well structured, ably presented and certainly relevant to the audience. Feedback was that the presentation helped them to identify and, important, record steps to make their work more enjoyable and efficient.  I would warmly recommend Wendy for future speaking engagements."
Mark Stafford, Commissioning Editor, Pearson Education Australia

"Your workshop was a huge success for one of our clients' who were excited, driven and thrilled with their time with you. I cannot speak highly enough of Wendy's ability to create specific sessions, plus to be great on her feet on the day."

Pip Forsyth, Account Director, Splash Consulting Group

“Many thanks for your generous contribution to our Executive Assistant / PA Congress in Brisbane. Overall you have achieved outstanding feedback - you were one of the three mostly highly praised speakers at the conference.
Aaron Gay, General Manager, IIR Pty Ltd

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