Life Coaching Programs And Fees

I offer three Life Coaching Programs so there is a choice to suit your needs and budget. 

Life Coaching Programs

Four Session Program
In these four sessions over approximately six weeks you will identify what changes you want to make and set some firm goals and outcomes.  I'll also help you develop  strategies for identifying and handling any blocks to your progress.  At the end of the program you will have made a meaningful start on making real positive change in your personal and/or professional life.

Six Session Program (recommended)
Starting with the same format as the basic program, six sessions will truly supports you in the adventure of moving forward  towards your goals. In approximately three months  you will have created a new level of achievement as we build on your successes and handle your challenges.

Eight Session Program
Even more opportunities to, achieve your goals, anchor your successes  and explore new opportunities as you move into your new life.

Life coaching in any area is not an instant fix.  It can be a journey (and often an exciting adventure) to achieve the results you are looking for.  That is why I ask for a commitment to a program of sessions so you can get those lasting results. 

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes with unlimited email and brief telephone contact between and are held at roughly two week intervals. They can be in person (depending on location) or by phone or Skype.

This gives you time to integrate what you are learning and do any actions you have agreed to do before the next session.  It also gives you time to identify and challenges to carrying out those actions so we can work through them. 

Discovery Session
Take advantage  of my  completely obligation free Discovery Session to to get to know each other and discuss your coaching goals.


Four Sessions


Six Sessions

Eight Sessions


On completion of your coaching series, you can either decide to continue with another series or I offer 1 hour single catch up and refresh sessions for $120

Your coaching may be claimable for tax as a training expense. I also offer refund policy

And every new client gets a complimentary digital copy of my book
Be Your Own Goals Coach

How My Life Coaching Programs Work 

The sessions in all my programs will be a mix of discussions, questions, suggestions and really useful and individual processes, as needed, to ensure you are on the right track to getting where you want to go. You will......

  • Get really clear on the specific changes you want to make
  • Set specific and achievable goals and outcomes and develop a plan to achieve them
  • Develop strategies and behaviours to increase your confidence and motivation
  • Learn ways to handle any challenges and overcome issues from the past
  • Get to know yourself and what drives you better and how to honour who you are
  • Have my unconditional guidance and support at all times with emails and brief in between phone contact.

You can read more about life coaching and what you can experience from it.

And here's where you can find about me and read what my clients have said about my coaching. 

I look forward to hearing from you.