Life Coaching Programs And Fees

I offer three Life Coaching Programs so you can make a choice. Each program is tailored to your needs irrespective of the package you choose.

How My Life Coaching Programs Are Structured

Life coaching in any area is not usually an instant fix.  It can be a journey (and often an exciting adventure) to achieve the results you are looking for.  That is why I ask for a commitment to a program of sessions so you can get those lasting results. 

Sessions are usually 45 minutes to one hour with unlimited email and brief telephone contact between and are held at roughly two week intervals. They can be in person (depending on location) or by phone or Skype.

This gives you time to integrate what you are learning and do any actions you have agreed to do before the next session.  It also gives you time to identify and challenges to carrying out those actions so we can work through them.

This structure really works and you can see the experiences of my clients by exploring my life coaching client testimonials page

Your Life Coaching Investment

Obligation Free Discovery Session

A half hour session to get to know each other and discover what you wish to achieve from coaching.

Four Sessions


Six Sessions



Eight Sessions


  • Your coaching may be claimable for tax as a training expense.
  • Payments are in advance  (unless otherwise agreed) by direct deposit or credit card using PayPal. Your coaching may be claimable as a training expense.
  • Your money back if the coaching is simply not working.  See my refund policy.
  • Every new client receives a complimentary digital copy of my book, Be Your Own Goals Coach.

How To Get The Best From My Life Coaching

The sessions in all my programs will be a mix of discussions, questions, suggestions and really useful, personally tailored processes, as needed. Each focusses on you, to ensure you are on the right track and getting to where you want to go.

Be willing to...

  • Experiment with fresh approaches (but only if and when they are appropriate for you.)
  • Change how you operate in parts of your life and simplify the journey to reaching your goals.
  • Change some of the habits that may not serve you, such as the how you might operate and react in difficult situations.
  • Explore ways to remove sources of stress.
  • Redesign how you spend your time.
  • Re-look at assumptions or decisions you’ve made.
  • Get the support you need to handle a problem.
  • Work on solutions to eliminating all the things and situations you are tolerating or are frustrating you.

In the coaching process and throughout the journey, I am there to guide and support you.

Next Steps 

 I recommend that you arrange a Discovery Session so we can chat and see if coaching with me is the right path for you. There is no obligation.

You can jump straight to request a Discovery Session or choose one of the following information pages for more information about who I am, how I can work with you and the benefits my clients have experienced:

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.