Life Coaching Programs And Fees

I offer three Life Coaching Programs so there is a choice to suit your needs and budget. 

Life Coaching Programs

Get to know yourself better, set some firm goals and outcomes and make a start on real positive change in your personal or professional life.

High Six:
Starting with the same format as the Jumpstart Program, The High Six offers double the scope and opportunity to create a new level of achievement as we build on your successes and handle your challenges.

Magic Nine: 
Even more opportunities to anchor your successes as you move forward.

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes with unlimited email and brief telephone contact between.

Every new client gets a complimentary digital copy of my book
Be Your Own Goals Coach


Free  Discovery Session
A half hour, obligation free session to experience my coaching style.


Three Sessions
Over 4 -6 weeks


High Six

Six Sessions
Over 12 weeks 


Magic Nine

Nine Sessions
over 14 weeks


Payments are in advance  (unless otherwise agreed) by direct deposit or credit card using PayPal and come with a money back guarantee provision.  Your coaching may be claimable as a training expense.

How My Life Coaching Programs Work 

Getting Started

Before you make any commitment of working with me, we will start with a complimentary  Free Discovery Session so you get the experience of how our work together will help you.

If we decide to go ahead, we begin a series of coaching sessions that will give you the lasting results you are looking for.

As as a rule of thumb after our initial conversation and  agreements, we’ll follow this format:

Girl jumping with umbrellaJumpstart Your Success
With Life Coaching

Before our first session

I will send you a simple pre-coaching questionnaire.  From this we will both get a snapshot of how your life is now and what you want to change or achieve through coaching.

Often this reveals some  unexpected insights and surprises and gets us of to a flying start. 

At our first session

  • We’ll discuss the feedback you have already provided in the pre-coaching questionnaire and set some goals and outcomes for how you would like things to change and what needs to be done.  
  • We'll set some firm goals and begin to devise a plan of action and prioritisation.  
  • You'll have some fieldwork to do to get things moving straight away.
Step in the jigsaw to successA Series of Life Coaching Sessions
Will Accelerate Your Success

At subsequent sessions: 

  • We begin  with round-up of what’s gone well for you (your wins) since the previous session and acknowledge those wins; any challenges you’ve had and how you have dealt with them.
  • We'll discuss what you feel is the most pressing issue to handle  next in the current session. 
  • At the end of each session, we'll agree what needs to happen next and “fieldwork” you commit to.  Then  we schedule the next session.
  • They'll be lots of acknowledgement, celebration as we achieve lasting change.

Here's where you can find out  more information about me or  check how I can coach you and read some of my case studies

I look forward to hearing from you.


Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.
Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.