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Discover my specific life coaching services and how I will coach you to success - whatever goals or outcomes you choose.

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And of course they will often be combined in a tailored  program for you.

Text: Building your confidence and motivation
Text: Coaching for career and job satisfaction
Text: Starting or growing your business
Text: Coaching to make your goals reality
Text: Turning your retirement into a new future

Coaching For Confidence And Motivation

The success of every type of life coaching is often about confidence.  This means helping you gain the confidence to get a better job, change career, start a business, resolve an ongoing life-challenge or cross over to a new life in retirement.

Tulips representing the miracle of personal growth with my life coaching servicesMy Life Coaching Services Will Help You Grow And Go To Where You Want To Be

And then having the confidence to make the best choices to follow the path towards new goals and success.

It's also about learning how to communicate both at home and at work in a way that is confident and harmonious and enhances those relationships.

As your coach I’ll help you identify what it is that stands in the way of that confidence.  We'll look at what beliefs and behaviours  may be blocking you from moving from where you are to where you want to be.  

And in the process of discovery and making changes you’ll  find renewed  motivation to set and achieve new goals and outcomes.. 

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Career Change And/Or Job Advancement

An open door showing job and career opportunitiesLife Coaching Will Help You
Open New Career And Job Opportunities

There’s no getting away from the fact you spend a lot of time at work.  So if you don’t have  a career you love or job satisfaction to look forward to each day, something is definitely not as good as it could be in your life. 

Often this manifests in boredom or a lack of motivation and you don’t really know what’s wrong or how to change things.  

Or maybe you are frustrated because you know things need  to change but can’t work out where to start!

It is quite possibly also affecting the other areas and relationships in your life.

Or you may be quite satisfied with your career or job but know there is more you can achieve and want some help to get there.

This is where life coaching with me comes in. I'll help you discover and address the causes of any dissatisfaction and frustration. Then, we'll establish what needs to happen or goals that need to be set and achieved to change things for the better.  

For more detail about how I can coach you to a better and more fulfilling work life, please click here.

Starting Or Expanding Your Business

Your head is spinning with information and possibilities and you are excited and really want to get going. But where do you start and what sort of business is the right path for you?

Maybe you want to use your experience and knowledge to start a new venture or be a consultant.

Or you've been in business for a while and need some direction, hand-holding and accountability as you develop strategies to make your business more efficient and profitable.    

A woman thinking about all the ideas she has for her new businessNeed Help To Get Your Business
Going In The Right Direction

Should you move out of home to premises? Should you take on a partner? Is it time to review and update your systems? How do you go about finding niche markets and improving your marketng? And so on.

Through the audio video production company I owned with my husband, I've been a small business owner for many years and know only too well the challenges there are to keep the business healthy and growing and how to work through them.

I'll help you work through the particular challenges you may be facing and develop strategies to move forward.

 Achieving A Fulfilling Retirement

Time to retire? Maybe.  But it’s not the end, even though it might feel like it.  Rather, with life coaching for  a satisfying retirement  it can be the beginning of an exciting new phase and adventure.

These days most retirees can look forward to over 30 or 40 years of retirement and it’s just as important  for you to have goals and plans for those years, as it was at 25.

A couple using a computer in retirement

However, the challenge for many retirees, especially those who take early retirement, is picturing what they want the the next decades will look like for them.

If you are uncertain about how your retirement is going to evolve, or even if you know what you want but are unsure how to go about it, my retirement coaching can help you get clear and on the right path.

In retirement coaching we'll look at all these possible dilemmas.  

We'll also identify and celebrate what you have achieved, your strengths and where it now inspires you to best use that experience and talent in a way that feels meaningful and motivates you.

Everything we do will be about beginning an exciting new phase of your life rather than enduring an end.

Together we'll set some goals and devise a plan of action to guide you on this new adventure.

Read more about my retirement coaching and how I will work for you.

Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.
Book a complimentary life coaching discovery session with Wendy.