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This is a general summary of many of the common areas I work with my clients. However, because everyone is unique and different I do not offer a "one size fits all' package.  This means that everything we will do together is specifically tailored for only one person: you! 

However, what we work with may include one or more of the subject areas below! If you need something else, that's OK too. 

Career Change And/Or Job Advancement

An open door showing job and career opportunitiesLife Coaching Will Help You
Open New Career And Job Opportunities

There’s no getting away from the fact you spend a lot of time at work.  So if you don’t have  a career you love or job satisfaction to look forward to each day, something is definitely not as good as it could be in your life. 

Often this manifests in boredom or a lack of motivation and you don’t really know what’s wrong or how to move forward.  

You also could be frustrated because you know things need  to change but can’t work out where to start!

Challenges like this can also affect your other relationships and activities so the effect on your total life can be exhausting and negative.

Alternatively, you may be quite satisfied with your career or job but know there is more you can achieve and want some help to get there.

This is where my career life coaching with you will focus. I'll help you discover and address the causes of any dissatisfaction and frustration.

Then, we'll establish what needs to happen or goals that need to be set and achieved to change things for the better.  

"Wendy supported and encouraged me going for the career I wanted - regardless of the apparent setbacks.  Her unflinching belief in me was a breath of fresh air in my world of self-chastisement and self doubt.

Since then I have grown a very successful business as a corporate consultant, coach and trainer and I know that Wendy’s support and encouragement were firm stepping stones along the way to achieving my career goals. Thanks Wendy" 
Lily Cubrilo, Qld

Starting Or Expanding Your Business

It's an exciting time! Your head is spinning with information and possibilities and you really want to get going. But where do you start and what sort of business is the right path for you?

Maybe you want to use your experience and knowledge to start a new venture or be a consultant.

Or perhaps you've been in business for a while and need some direction, hand-holding and accountability as you develop strategies to make your business more efficient and profitable.    

A woman thinking about all the ideas she has for her new businessNeed Help To Get Your Business
Going In The Right Direction

There are so many questions that may be confronting you.  Some common ones are:

Should I move out of home to premises?
Should I take on a partner?
Is it time to review and update my systems?
How do I go about finding niche markets and improving my marketing? And so on...

Through the audio video production company I owned with my husband, I've been a small business owner for many years and know only too well the challenges there are to keep the business healthy and growing and how to work through them.

I'll help you work through the particular challenges you may be facing and develop strategies to move forward. They could be anything so don't think you are limited by this list

"I came to Wendy for coaching to take my already successful business to a new level of competitiveness and profitability. In just three months Wendy helped me upgrade my systems and strengthen my leadership and delegation skills.  Profits have increased and staff relations have never been better."  
Didier Nave, Dr Earth Health Foods, Bondi

"Originally I approached Wendy for help with goal setting. 
As I worked with Wendy and got to know her strengths better, her role broadened to one of a business coach and mentor, a role she fills very well.
 I have found Wendy professional, perceptive, practical and a real asset to my business direction".

Catherine Saxelby, Consultant Nutritionist, Broadcaster and Food Writer

Life Skills, Confidence And Motivation

The success of every type of life coaching is often about confidence, communication and lifeskills.  This means helping you gain the confidence and strategies to get a better job, change career, start a business, resolve an ongoing life-challenge or cross over to a new life in retirement.

It can also be about learning how to communicate more effectively, both at home and at work. 

As your coach I’ll help you identify what beliefs and behaviours may be sapping your confidence and blocking you from moving from where you are to where you want to be. 

And, in the process of discovery and making changes you’ll discover a renewed motivation and energy to set and achieve new goals and outcomes.

"I was drifting along without any particular direction or chosen goals. Wendy's coaching helped me understand and accept who I am and how I operate.

As a result I developed behaviours that supported my success. I am now confident, happier, in charge of my decisions, and achieved my goal of playing a cricket season in England."  
Jason Wilson, Student

Retirement As a New Beginning

Are the years of retirement getting closer and closer?

Does of the thought of stopping the work you have done for so long fill you with excitement, or is there a certain amount of trepidation - even anxiety - as to how it will work for you?

Retirement as a new beginning

One of the most rewarding aspects of my coaching is helping retirees plan those years ahead so that the future is fulfilling and productive - whatever that may look like. 

It may be a new business venture, volunteering or traveling. It could also be one of countless other opportunities that you now have the time and goals to fulfil.

If you feel you'd like some help working out your retirement plans (not financial), I'm can definitely help.

Choosing And Achieving Goals

An important part of my coaching may be to help you set powerful, authentic goals and outcomes that help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

These can be related with any part of your life you want to improve or any issues you may have that need solving.  Your career, business, relationships, confidence, retirement - in fact all the the things you may want to do or make better.

These goals and outcomes will form the context of our coaching and provide a measure for your progress and results and I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Much of my coaching is based on my best selling book Be Your Own Goals Coach which not only addresses setting and achieving goals, but strategies for handling all the “stuff” that can get in the way of success. 

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