Using Retirement Coaching To Create Your New Beginnings

Retirement should not just be an end.  With my retirement coaching it can also be the beginning of an exciting new phase of life.

For some, transitioning to a satisfying retirement  and new experiences comes easily.

Others, maybe like you,  find that the transition is challenging.  Once the strong, consistent framework and identity through your career or business is no longer ever-present, it's very common to feel a bit lost and without purpose.  

Couple looking together at a future life plan following retirement coaching with Wendy Buckingham

Maybe, as much as you have been looking forward to retirement, you are uncertain as to what a new beginning might look like.  

If so, are questions like these filling your head without answers?

  • Who am I now?
  • How will I spend my time?
  • Do I want to use my experience and knowledge to start a new venture or be a consultant.?
  •  Do I want to devote myself to volunteer work?
  • How is retirement going to affect my spouse/partner now that I'm now off to work every day?
  • Are there hobbies I really want to take up, now I have the time?
  • What do I really want? 

How My Retirement Coaching Works

Retirement coaching means we'll look at and sort out all these possible dilemmas as they may apply to you.  

Woman happily in the garden doing what she loves following successful retirement life coaching with Wendy Buckingham

 I'll help you identify, acknowledge and celebrate what you have achieved in your long working life.  This is very important and not the time to be modest - you've most likely achieved more than you think!

We'll acknowledge the strengths,  knowledge and experience that you have acquired over they years and where they could now inspires you to best use all that talent.  

Our focus is on beginning an exciting new period in your life without the pressures and uncertainties of youth. 

Together we'll set some goals for your retirement future.  A simple goal may be just to discover what you want your future in retirement to look like.  

Once set, we'll then devise a plan of action to guide you on this new adventure towards a rewarding and satisfying retirement.

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"Thank you for your interest, kindness and support over the last few months. I certainly wouldn't be feeling so positive and strong if it wasn't for your help." 
Jenny Lincoln, Project Manager, News Limited.

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